Ehealth Digitech Consulting has a core competency to help plan, design and execute your EHR implementation at all levels. The success of your EHR implementation depends on having the right people on your team. At Ehealth Digitech Consulting, we have in-depth knowledge and extensive EHR consulting experience with resources that are hand selected from leading projects across the country.


An EHR implementation, within a single hospital or across multiple sites, is usually the largest endeavor that an organization will take on.

To ensure a smooth EHR implementation, Ehealth Digitech Consulting will work with your team to review and manage operational risks within your IT program. Engaging as early as the project planning phase, Ehealth Digitech Consulting will collaborate with you to identify potential problem areas, in order to mitigate possible risks by setting accurate expectations and defining change management processes.

We will incorporate mitigation strategies into the project plan, monitor risks during each phase of the implementation, and establish communication processes for making the appropriate adjustments.

Because implementations have many working parts, it is critical to have a streamlined process that is effectively communicated and executed. Ehealth Digitech Consulting representatives will fully immerse themselves in the project to ensure collaboration while tracking your implementation.

Ehealth Digitech Consulting are able to provide all of the following teams as needed during an EHR project:

  • Advisory Services – project planning, discovery, scope development, timeline, resource allocation, budget development

  • Implementation Services

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement

  • Application & Integrated Testing

  • Interface & Interoperability

  • Training & Adoption

  • Activation/Go-Live Support

  • Community Outreach

  • Data Migration

  • Service Desk

  • Optimization

  • Legacy Support



  • EHR Implementation Plan Checklist
  • Set a clear roadmap for EHR implementation


  • Build an EHR implementation team
  • Define budget limits and projections


  • Create EHR Training Sessions
  • Prepare the infrastructure and transfer data


  • Testing and Planning for Go Live
  • Post Go-Live Evaluation


Consultants at Ehealth Digitech Consulting specialise in helping health-care organisations locate and implement a suitable system. To do this, our consultants will gather background information, history, strategy, culture, and current policies and procedures.

Depending upon the health-care organisation's budget and current work functions, our EHR consultants will recommend multiple products. They often spend quite a bit of time talking to employees in the organisation to get a feel for how they are organised and what the organisation is looking to accomplish.

Our EHR consultants focus on helping the decision makers in a health-care organisation evaluate a variety of suitable options.